Company Info

Funky Cakez is currently a freelance business in Epping Sydney NSW Australia. Cake consultations can be arranged with an appointment.

Is that a cake?

Yes, there is a tasty cake underneath the artwork.


What sort of cake is it?

The cake underneath the artwork is a solid cake, usually mud or butter cake as these types of cake support the fondant icing used.


What is the icing made out of?

Most cakes are coated in rolled fondant icing. This icing is tastier then it looks with a soft fudgey texture.

Royal icing is also used on some cakes which is a spreadable icing. This is a very tasty meringue icing made from fluffy egg whites and icing sugar.

How do I store these cakes?

These cakes need to be stored in cool areas, preferably air conditioned. These cakes should not be stored in the fridge or kept in humid areas.


Will the characters/sugar art  keep?

Yes, provided they are handled with care and kept in a cool area away from humidity and not in the fridge, the sugar art will last for years.  


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